There are a few different websites where I have uploaded art, although I primarily use Furaffinity.

Art Bundles

For a while I was uploading art to a patreon page monthly. I've since then had less time than needed to continue that endeavor, and placed my patreon account on pause until such a time as I find time again. Much of the art produced during that time is available as part of a few art bundles over on my online store, If you supported me on patreon back when these images were produced, message me on patreon or twitter and I'll make sure you get the relevant bundles for free.


I currently use primarily Skype, Discord, and Telegram for instant messaging. I'm not comfortable posting my IM usernames online, however. If you're still interested in contacting me via IM, I would reccommend first sending me a note on Furaffinity requesting as such. (And take it gracefully if I say no.)


I also play the following games sometimes: